Maston Haipai

Maston Haipai is specially designed for Amazon US sellers. It ships from Maston Shanghai Port directly to Long Beach, USA. The service departs on Wednesday and arrives at the port the following Sunday, making it fast and efficient. Customs clearance is done at the Long Beach port, ensuring quick clearance. This service is the best choice for Amazon US sellers to save costs and quickly ship their goods. Insurance is available for purchase.

I. Instructions

  1. Cut-off on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with shipments available for pick-up after 12 working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).
  2. All shipments will be picked up in Los Angeles.
  3. This service is only available for the 48 contiguous states of the United States and does not accept PO boxes, military addresses, or shipments to zip codes 006-009 (Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands), 966-969 (Hawaii and Guam), or 995-999 (Alaska).

II. Regulations

  1. The minimum chargeable weight for multi-piece shipments is 10KG. Shipments weighing less than 10KG will still be charged at the 10KG rate. Boxes weighing over 22KG will be charged an additional 120 yuan per box, with a maximum weight limit of 67KG; the longest side should not exceed 120CM, the second-longest side should not exceed 76CM, and the girth should not exceed 266CM. Additional charges of 150 yuan per box will apply for boxes exceeding these dimensions.
  2. Customs clearance fee is 350 yuan per shipment. Non-Amazon shipments will be charged an additional address fee of 1 yuan per kilogram based on the chargeable weight. Address change fees are 100 yuan per shipment; remote area fees and other additional charges will be billed separately and are valid for collection within 6 months.
  3. Compensation terms: If a shipment is lost or confiscated by local customs before being picked up by FEDEX, compensation is 20 yuan per KG, and shipping fees are non-refundable. If a shipment is lost after pickup, compensation will not exceed 100 USD per shipment. If an Amazon warehouse shipment is not signed for after pick-up, it will be considered as rejected by Amazon, and compensation will be shared at 100 USD, with a maximum of 100 USD. In the case of force majeure events such as natural disasters, the company will not offer any compensation.
  4. Additional fees will be charged for private addresses in New York City (with zip codes starting with NY).
  5. Two inbound labels must be affixed to the outer boxes for Amazon warehouses; single items must not weigh more than 22KG. The outer box should be sturdy and damage-resistant, as any loss due to Amazon warehouse rejection is the seller’s responsibility. The words “MADE IN CHINA” must be affixed to the outer box of each item.
  6. Before shipping, please affix the SKU barcode and FBA box label to the item and seal it with transparent tape. If the shipment cannot be delivered due to label or barcode issues, the sender will bear all related costs.


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