What should be the declared value for international express delivery?

When sending international express delivery, filling in the correct declared value is very important. The declared value refers to the value of the goods you are sending, and this figure directly affects the customs duties and value-added taxes you need to pay.

Firstly, the declared value of ordinary products is recommended to be around $10 per kilogram. However, for some high-value products such as machinery and precious metals, the actual value should be adjusted according to the actual situation, and a value of around 30% is generally acceptable.

Secondly, if you are sending a package to the United States, you need to know that the U.S. tariff exemption threshold is $800. If the value exceeds this amount, tariffs must be paid. In Europe, there is currently no exemption threshold, which means that regardless of the amount, the recipient must pay VAT. In addition, in other countries, the specific value of the tariff exemption threshold can be found on the local customs website or by consulting customs officials.

Finally, a too low declared value may increase the risk of your package being inspected by customs. Because customs may think that you deliberately underestimated the value of the package, they may require you to provide more supporting documents, such as value certificates and bank statements, to verify the true value and calculate relevant taxes and fees.

In addition to correctly filling in the declared value, there are some other things to note. For example, do not send prohibited or illegal items, otherwise, your package may be confiscated or detained. In addition, for special items such as liquids, batteries, or medicines, you need to comply with local regulations and package and label them accordingly.

In summary, when sending international express delivery, please be sure to understand the relevant regulations and tax situations in the destination country, in order to avoid unnecessary losses due to incorrect filling or sending of prohibited items.

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