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international express

Traditional express delivery service, warehouse to door, excluding tax, suitable for samples and goods under 1T


Amazon first leg

Shipped to Amazon warehouses and private/commercial addresses in various countries via air, rail and truck


Postal and dedicated lines

Postal and dedicated lines for various countries, as well as sensitive cargo consolidation, can send food and medicine, etc.


Packing service

Repack your express delivery to ensure safety and reduce transportation costs


We focus on every aspect

real time tracking

View the location of your package in real time

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fast delivery

Packages always arrive quickly and on time

Why choose us

Improving constantly

Our goal

Provide customers with efficient and convenient logistics services to make their logistics operations more efficient and reliable. We are committed to saving time and costs for our customers, allowing them to focus on their business rather than worrying about logistics.

our vision

To become the world's most reliable express delivery agency and provide customers with high-quality services. We will continue to improve and innovate to continuously improve our competitiveness and service levels to achieve our vision.

our way

Utilizing advanced technology and experienced teams, we provide customers with a full range of logistics solutions to ensure that goods reach their destination safely. We always pay attention to the development and innovation of technology, and constantly introduce advanced logistics technology and equipment to improve service efficiency and quality.