CZL Express Settlement Service Plan

At CZL Express, we are fully aware of the importance of financial settlement flexibility to foreign trade businesses. To this end, we have launched three settlement service plans for customers with different freight rates, aiming to provide your company with a more efficient and professional financial management experience.

Weekly service:For customers whose average weekly freight reaches RMB 5,000, we provide convenient weekly settlement services to ensure financial liquidity.

Signature and settlement service: For customers whose weekly shipping costs exceed RMB 10,000, a signature and settlement service can be provided to further optimize settlement efficiency.

Monthly Settlement Service:For customers with monthly freight charges of up to RMB 30,000, our company will launch a monthly settlement service to meet your high standards for financial management.

Settlement service application conditions:

  • The cooperation period between the customer and our company must be more than half a month through cash settlement.
  • Customers must have a good credit history.

Cooperation agreement requirements:

  • All customers who apply for settlement services must signReal-name express delivery contract.

CZL Express is committed to building solid financial support for your international express logistics business through professional and efficient settlement service solutions. We look forward to long-term cooperation with you and jointly create a new chapter of business development.

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