What is the best way to send things to international students?

Now there are many international students from the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy and other countries. They have a lot of personal belongings, such as books, toys, electronic products, mobile phones, clothes, four-piece suits, food, potato chips, spicy strips, instant noodles, nuts and other luggage. They can't bring much when they fly there by themselves, and shipping is too expensive. At this time, international express logistics can save a lot of money.

Based on our company's many years of experience, we have the following suggestions:

1. For ordinary items, such as liquids, powders, batteries, pastes, etc., if time is urgent, send them by international express, such as FEDEX and UPS. DHL is generally not considered, it is too expensive and unnecessary. DHL is better for commercial items. If time is not urgent, you can consider EMS, E Express and large packages of the post office. This channel does not count the volume. For items such as clothes and four-piece suits, it will be very affordable, but it will take a long time, basically about a month;

2. For items with batteries, such as iPods, mobile phones, Switches, watches, etc., you can consider Hong Kong express delivery, because there are generally not many of these items, and they are relatively expensive, so express delivery is definitely given priority. However, most people do not have special filings and MSDS certifications. Hong Kong express delivery can use our company's MSDS certification. Customers do not need to provide any battery certificates, but only need to ensure that the battery power does not exceed 90WH. The price of Hong Kong express delivery is slightly higher, but it is the most favorable and safest choice for sending products with batteries;

3. For cosmetics, personal items such as liquids, powders, pastes, and food, the United States can consider consolidated shipping. We can send these by sea freight. No information is required. Customs clearance and tariffs are included. The recipient only needs to wait for delivery. It is a little more troublesome to send them to other countries. If the value is low, we do not recommend sending it because it is not cheaper than buying it locally. However, if the value is high, such as cosmetics, we can send it through the chemical channel. The recipient does not need to provide information. We have our own information and chemical account to send it.

4. Books cannot be sent by international express, but they can be sent by post. EMS, E-Express, and large packages can all send books. However, the books must not contain reactionary content, pornography or other sensitive information. If there are such books, our CZL Express Company will refuse to accept them. If there are anti-communist information, we will call the police.

The above are just some rough suggestions. Please feel free to consult our account manager for details and quotes.

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