From April 1st to 5th, our company will suspend the "receiving/sending" business

Receive notification from the government regarding epidemic prevention arrangements:

From April 1st to April 5th, all our "receiving/shipping" business is suspended. For online customer service support, please follow our WeChat official account and start consultation in "My-Online Customer Service".

From March 28th to 31st, our company received and sent parcels normally and business was normal.

CZL International Logistics
March 28, 2022

Official original text:

From 5:00 on March 28, the city implemented nucleic acid screening in batches based on the Huangpu River. In the first batch, Pudong, Punan and adjacent areas (including the entire Pudong New Area, the entire Fengxian District, the entire Jinshan District, the entire Chongming District, Pujin Sub-district and Pujiang Town in Minhang District, Xinbang Town, Shihudang Town, Maogang Town, and Yexie Town in Songjiang District) were first sealed off and nucleic acid screening was carried out, and the blockade was lifted at 5:00 on April 1. At the same time, key areas in Puxi continued to implement blockade management. In the second batch, from 3:00 on April 1, according to the principle of advancing in batches, the Puxi area was sealed off and nucleic acid screening was carried out, and the blockade was lifted at 3:00 on April 5.

In the sealed-off area, residential communities are under closed management, and all personnel are not allowed to leave their homes. People and vehicles can only enter but not leave. Food delivery and express delivery for basic necessities are ensured to be delivered without contact, and are not allowed to enter the residential communities.

In the sealed-off areas, all enterprises shall implement closed production or work from home, except for public service enterprises such as water, electricity, fuel oil, gas, communications, transportation, sanitation, grain, oil, meat and vegetable supply to ensure the lives of citizens and the basic operation of the city.

In the closed-off areas, buses, subways, ferries, taxis, and online ride-hailing services are suspended. Vehicles related to epidemic prevention and control, emergency medical treatment, life support, urban operations, and emergency response are allowed to pass after being identified and verified by the district governments or relevant departments of various industries. Other vehicles are not allowed to go on the road unless necessary.

I wish Shanghai can overcome the difficulties and control the epidemic as soon as possible.

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