UK/EU Time-limited delivery via truck

There are two types: separate tax and own VAT.

Countries served: Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Monaco.

Please refer to the additional charges for the product in detail.
The truck will not accept any holding of goods once it departs. The delivery route is as follows:

Yiwu loading → Bactu → Kazakhstan → Russia → Poland Mala → Hungary customs clearance → final delivery

Yiwu → Bactu 3-5 natural days, customs clearance point 9-12 natural days after customs clearance, customs clearance + pick-up 2-3 working days, delivery 1-3 working days, pick-up time: about 20-25 natural days (excluding domestic and foreign customs inspections), the highest compensation is RMB40/KG.

Additional charges for oversized items:

① Items with a single dimension over 100CM, or the second-longest side over 76CM, and a single weight of 31-70KG (actual weight or volumetric weight) = an additional charge of RMB140/piece for Germany, and RMB160/piece for other EU countries.

② Items packaged in metal or wooden materials instead of standard cardboard boxes, and cylindrical items that cannot be fully packed in regular cardboard boxes, such as barrels, drums, cylinders, or tires = an additional charge of RMB140/piece for Germany, and RMB160/piece for other EU countries.

③ Items with a total length of more than 295CM and less than 400CM < Length + 2 times the width + 2 times the height = an additional charge of RMB650/piece for Germany, with a minimum chargeable weight of 40KG (please inquire for other countries).

Operating instructions:

  1. Separate customs declaration: RMB500/ticket, an additional RMB15/item for invoice item names exceeding 5.

  2. Non-Amazon addresses are subject to an additional RMB100/ticket.

  3. Calculation of the weight of the goods: Length x Width x Height (in CM) / 6000, the greater value of actual weight and volumetric weight is used for billing weight, and the perimeter: Length + 2*(Width + Height) ≤3 meters.

  4. The minimum chargeable weight per item shall not be less than 13KG. If it is not enough, the difference will be charged at RMB5/KG for the underweight part, and the volumetric weight will be calculated by dividing by 6000.

  5. Prohibited goods are not accepted.

  6. All products containing batteries (within 300W, over refused) must be labeled with UN3481. For items over 300W, please choose to ship via truck (price inquiry).

  7. Pure batteries are not accepted; wooden products must provide a business inspection; pure batteries, books, discs, and other publications are not accepted.

Compensation instructions:

  1. Lost item compensation: If the shipment is not picked up and verified as lost, the maximum compensation is RMB40/KG and the shipping fee will be refunded.

  2. If there is a delivery problem after the item has been picked up, a request for investigation must be made within 15 days (based on the last updated information on the official website), otherwise, only inquiries will be accepted without compensation claims. If the item has not been picked up, a request for investigation must be made within 1 month after delivery, overdue items will not be accepted by our company.

  3. Compensation for lost items in non-entire containers and missing contents will not be provided.

  4. If Amazon warehouses reject items due to packaging problems, label issues, or other reasons, our company will not be held responsible.

  5. Compensation will be credited to your account with our company's system and can only be used to offset shipping fees.


  1. Our company cannot guarantee that we can review and inspect all goods, invoices, packing lists, and outer packaging. If problems with the goods, invoices, packing lists, or packaging result in customs detention, recipient refusal, or return, all costs and responsibilities shall be borne by the sender.

  2. Goods that do not comply with the import requirements of the destination country cannot be shipped! For export goods that require approval, inspection, certification, and other procedures, the sender shall submit the relevant documents to our company after completing the procedures. However, our company does not have the ability to identify the authenticity of the required documents for export goods, and we will assume that the provided documents are true and valid. If the absence or invalidity of product authorization, certification, etc., results in the return, confiscation, detention, or destruction of goods, all responsibilities and related costs shall be borne by the sender. If this causes economic losses to our company or a third party, the sender shall be responsible accordingly.

  3. If the destination customs determines that the goods are branded goods or have issues with CE, Bluetooth, HDMI, FDA, FCC, LACEY ACT, DOT, etc., certifications and authorizations, or the goods are subject to local anti-dumping or do not comply with the import requirements of the destination country, the customer needs to provide the corresponding authorization letter and certification report (goods requiring CE certification or having a CE logo include: electronic products, electrical appliances, lighting, toys, machinery, products with batteries. Toys, in particular, require an ENT1 standard test report, mainly involving non-toxic and harmless certification, as well as specific hanging tags, trademarks, and suitable age ranges, etc.).

  4. Our company shall not be liable for compensation for delays and lost items caused by force majeure factors (including but not limited to earthquakes, mudslides, floods

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