How is the girth of international express delivery calculated?


As a company specializing in international express delivery agency business, CZL Express (Cangzheng International Express) is well aware of the impact of girth calculation on package costs. Below, we will introduce in detail how the girth of international express delivery is calculated.

First, what is girth? The girth refers to the circumference of the express package, which is the sum of the length, width and height of the package. In international express transportation, girth is an important indicator for calculating the size and weight of a package. Therefore, it is essential to understand how girth is calculated.

Secondly,The calculation method of girth is: length + (width + height) × 2. For example, if the length, width, and height of a package are 30cm, 20cm, and 10cm respectively, then the girth of the package is 30cm+(20cm+10cm)×2=80cm.

Finally, the way girth is calculated is closely related to the cost of the package. In international express shipping, the size and weight of the package will affect the freight calculation, especially in the case of air freight. If the girth of the package exceeds the standard specified by the logistics company, the fee will be calculated based on the larger size, which will bring additional cost burden to you.

All in all, understanding how girth is calculated is important to choosing the right packaging and accurately calculating shipping costs. CZL Express (Cangzheng International Express) will continue to provide our customers with efficient and professional international express services, allowing your parcels to reach their destination safely and quickly.

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