DHL中外运-敦豪 2022 年服务及附加费列表

可选服务 (Optional Services)

收费项目Charge Items计费方式How We Charge收费标准Additional Charge
快件价值保险Shipment Insurance根据快件价值Per shipment value w ith minimum国际件:固定金额人民币 100 元每票或者投保金额的 1%,两者取高国内件:固定金额人民币 50 元每票或者投保金额的 0.5%,两者取高International Shipment: CNY 100 or 1% of insured shipment value if higher Domestic Shipment: CNY 50 or 0.5% of insured shipment value if higher
文件保障Extended Liability每票Per shipment人民币 32 元(如发生丢失每票一次性赔付人民币 3, 000 元)CNY 32 (one-off fixed compensation of CNY 3,000 in case of loss)
气候中和服务GOGREEN Climate Neutral根据快件重量Per kilo w ith minimum固定金额人民币 1 元每票或者人民币 1 元每公斤,两者取高CNY 1 per kilo w ith minimum of CNY 1 per shipment
货件准备Shipment Preparation每票Per shipment人民币 30 元CNY 30
特殊取件和派送Dedicated Pickup and Delivery每票Per shipment固定金额人民币 300 元每票或者人民币 3.5 元每公斤,两者取高(算作燃油费基数)CNY 300 per shipment or CNY 3.5 per kg, if higher (Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
住宅地址派送Residential Address每票Per shipment人民币 25 元(算作燃油费基数)CNY 25 (Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
周六派送Saturday Delivery每票Per shipment人民币 240 元(算作燃油费基数)CNY 240 (Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
中立派送Neutral Delivery每票Per shipment人民币 200 元CNY 200
截件改派Shipment Intercept每票Per shipment人民币 80 元CNY 80
直接签收Direct Signature每票Per shipment人民币 40 元CNY 40
更改账单Change of Billing每份账单Per invoice人民币 240 元CNY 240
寄件人支付目的地关税、税款Duty Tax Paid根据目的地税费总额% of fiscal charges按目的地税费总额的 2%,最低收费人民币 150 元每票2% of fiscal charges w ith a minimum of CNY 150
进口商支付目的地关税、税款Duty Tax Importer根据目的地税费总额% of fiscal charges按目的地税费总额的 2%,最低收费人民币 40 元每票2% of fiscal charges w ith a minimum of CNY 40
收件人支付目的地关税、税款Duty Tax Receiver根据目的地税费总额% of fiscal charges按目的地税费总额的 2%,最低收费人民币 40 元每票2% of fiscal charges w ith a minimum of CNY 40

海关服务 (Customs Services) [2]

收费项目Charge Items计费方式How We Charge收费标准Additional Charge
进口快件监管仓库管理费Bonded Storage3 个工作日后每票或每公斤每天Per shipment or per kilo per day after 3w orking days超 3 个工作日后,每公斤每天收取人民币 0.5 元,每票最低收取人民币 50 元CNY 50 per shipment or CNY 0.5 per kilo per day after 3 w orking days free storage, if higher
转关运输Bonded Transit每票Per shipment人民币 350 元CNY 350
出口报关费Export Declaration每票Per shipment人民币 120 元CNY 120
多条目清关录入Multiline Entry进口报关单第六行起,每行Rate per line, after five lines人民币 40 元CNY 40
单据移交报关行Broker Notification每票Per shipment人民币 80 元CNY 80
货件移交报关行Release to Broker每票Per shipment人民币 320 元CNY 320
人工查验Physical Intervention每票Per shipment人民币 150 元CNY 150

附加费 (Surcharges)

收费项目Charge Items计费方式How We Charge收费标准Additional Charge
燃油附加费Fuel Surcharge每票Per shipment根据燃油指数收取运费的一定百分比和额外费用;具体请参考Percentage of transportation and additional charges, as per index; details here
偏远地区附加费Remote Area Service根据快件重量By shipment w eight每公斤人民币 3.7 元,最低收费人民币 168 元每票 (算作燃油费基数)CNY 3.7 per kilo w ith minimum CNY 168 per shipment (Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
超长货件附加费Oversize Piece每件Per piece国际件:人民币 500 元,国内件:人民币 250 元 (算作燃油费基数)CNY 500 for international shipment, CNY 250 for domestic shipment (Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
超重货件附加费Overw eight Piece每件Per piece国际件:人民币 670 元,国内件:人民币 370 元 (算作燃油费基数)CNY 670 for international shipment, CNY 370 for domestic shipment(Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
无法堆叠托盘附加费Non-Stackable Pallet每件Per piece国际件:人民币 1,400 元,国内件:人民币 700 元 (算作燃油费基数)CNY 1,400 for international shipment, CNY 700 for domestic shipment(Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
更正地址附加费Address Correction每票Per shipment国际件:人民币 80 元,国内件:人民币 40 元CNY 80 for international shipment, CNY 40 for domestic shipment
高风险地区附加费Elevated Risk每票Per shipment人民币 150 元 (算作燃油费基数)CNY 150 (Attracts Fuel Surcharge)
限运目的地附加费Restricted Destination每票Per shipment人民币 230 元CNY 230
锂电池 Section II (PI966, 969)Lithium Batteries Section II (PI966, 969)每票Per shipment人民币 40 元CNY 40
数据录入附加费Data Entry每票Per shipment人民币 39 元CNY 39

注【1】:本文档仅列示了中外运敦豪提供的标准可选服务、海关服务和附加费收费条目, 所列项目收费标准如遇调整,以 DHL 官网 公布为准注【2】:海关产生的税费条目未详尽列出

Note [1]: Only standard Optional Service / Customs Service / Surcharge items charged in China are listed in this document. Any rate changes on listed items, please visit DHL official w ebsite at for reference.

Note [2]: For the charge items occurred in Customs are not fully listed in Customs Services section.


Optional Services


我们推荐您为高价值或个人货物购买保险,为可能意外出现的货物丢失或破损提供保障。此外,您可以基于货物价值购     买快件价值保险,为您的货物提供更安心保障。

Shipment Insurance

We recommend this comprehensive protection for your valuable or personal shipments, giving you peace of mind in the unlikely event of physical damage or loss.


如果您需要递送重要文件,譬如护照、签证或政府机构颁发的证书,您可以选择文件保障服务。一旦文件发生丢失或破     损,即可提供赔偿。

Extended Liability

If you are sending valuable documents such as passports, visa applications or regulatory certificates you can extend the DHL standard liability with this service. It provides coverage and compensation in the case of loss or damage.


此服务可以为客户计算货件在运输过程中的年度碳排放量,这些数据将被计算成碳减排量。客户每年将收到由联合国认     证的权威环保机构(SGS)颁发的证书。

DHL 还可为客户提供详细的碳排放估算和碳足迹报告。请咨询客户服务或您的销售代表获知更多详情。

GoGreen Climate Neutral

This service is for customers who need a reliable method to calculate their annual carbon emissions at a shipment level and subsequently offset these emissions through approved environmental programs. The whole process is verified annually by an independent body accredited by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

DHL can also provide reports for either a high level estimate or a detailed carbon footprint. Please contact Customer Service or your Sales Representative to learn more.


这是一项为特殊需求货件提供便捷、快速、可靠的准备服务。DHL      负责货件的运单制作、内容选择、打印标签和单证准备等。

Shipment Preparation

This is a convenient, fast and reliable service for seasonal or irregular shipments that require extra resources for their preparation. DHL manages the entire process of waybill preparation, content selection, labelling and packaging, then sends the shipments to the designated domestic or international addresses.



Dedicated Pickup and Delivery

If your business needs a dedicated vehicle to collect or deliver unusual shipments or a pickup or delivery outside normal business hours, we can arrange this for you.


寄送到家庭或私人住宅的客户可以激活派送地址为住宅的特殊派送选项。针对此类快件,DHL      会通过邮件或短信主动通知收件人快件进展。收件人可在按需派送网站On Demand Delivery 选择适合的派送方式。

Residential Address

Customers shipping to a home or private residence can activate specific delivery options by designating the delivery address as residential. For such shipments, DHL Express will proactively notify the receiver via email or SMS about the shipment’s progress. Receivers can then select the most suitable delivery option on the On Demand Delivery website.


我们可以在全球 70 多个国家或地区的主要城市为您提供周六派送服务。

Saturday Delivery

We offer Saturday delivery services to key cities in more than 70 countries or territories.


此项服务为   DHL   在派送包裹类快件前,移除快件上能够显示该快件申报金额的商业发票,从而使收货人不知晓该快件的申报金额。

Neutral Delivery

This service allows for the delivery of non-document shipments, without any value of the product being shared or exposed to the receiver, since the commercial invoice is removed prior to delivery.


当 DHL 已取件,且货件处于转运状态下,应发件人的请求,对货件进行如下的特殊操作:在下一个节点暂停货件运输, 或更改不同的派送地址,或申请货件退回至始发地。

Shipment Intercept

At Shipper’s request, an order change to hold the shipment/piece at the next opportunity, to re-route the shipment/piece to a different delivery address, or to recall the shipment /piece to Shipper at origin, after it has been picked-up and is already in transit.


当您寄送机密文件或高价值物品时,您可要求  DHL  获得收件人或指定代表的直接签字。DHL  会确保货件不被转移或派送至其他地址。

Direct Signature

If you are sending sensitive documents or high value contents you can request DHL to obtain a direct signature from the consignee or a representative at the delivery address. DHL will ensure your shipment is not re-directed, or delivered at an alternative address.


当客户要求更改已生成账单上的信息时,   DHL   需要重新出具账单,此时将征收该费用。如发生运费付款账号更改,该费用在运费调入的新账号下收取。

Change of Billing

This applies when a customer requests a change of defined billing information on an already issued invoice, and which will result in a reissuing of the invoice and, in case of an account change, crediting of the old account and debiting of the new.


应客户的要求,由 DHL 安排货件海关清关,且目的地所产生的关税、税费及各种海关杂费由始发国或第三方国家的指定DHL 账号支付,而不是由收件人承担此费用。DHL 会按所支付税费的一定比例或固定金额向税费支付方收取服务费。Duty Tax Paid

At the customer’s request, DHL clears the shipment at destination and arranges for the applicable import duties, taxes and regulatory charges to be invoiced to a specified DHL account at origin or third country, rather than the receiver of the shipment being billed at destination. The duty tax payer will be invoiced an extra charge based on a flat rate or a percentage of the fiscal charges that were paid.


应客户的要求,由 DHL 安排货件海关清关,且目的地所产生的关税、税费及各种海关杂费由目的地国家的指定 DHL 账号支付。DHL 会按预先垫付税费的一定比例或固定金额向税费支付方收取服务费。

Duty Tax Importer

At the customer’s request, DHL clears the shipment at destination and arranges for any applicable import duties, taxes and regulatory charges to be invoiced to a specified DHL account at destination. The duty tax payer will be invoiced an extra charge based on a flat rate or a percentage of the fiscal charges that were advanced.


此服务适用于进口非文件类货物。DHL      为没有协议账号的进口商或收件人预先垫付关税、税费及各种海关杂费,随后向客户收取相同代垫金额的费用。由于预先以  DHL  的海关信用做担保,DHL  会按垫付费用的一定比例收取服务费,但有标准的最低收费。

Duty Tax Receiver

This service covers any import of a non-document shipment for which DHL has used its own credit line with Customs to advance or guarantee the payment of duties, taxes or regulatory charges on behalf of importers and consumers with whom DHL has no contract. An extra charge based on a minimum rate or a percentage of the fiscal charges that were advanced or guaranteed is billed to the duty tax payer.



Customs Services


由于单证信息有误或缺失导致货物滞留海关则可能会产生仓储费用。自货物最晚进入   DHL   监管仓库或单据移交报关行的三个工作日后即开始计费。此费用适用于目的地关税、税款的支付方。

Bonded Storage

Storage charges apply when the shipment cannot be released by Customs due to inaccurate or missing paperwork. Charges take effect three working days after the freight arrival date or broker notification, whichever is later. The charge applies to the duty and taxes payer.


当要求 DHL 运送非文件类且原产地是他国商品至非常规 DHL 口岸的目的地,需要安排保税区转运。转关运输通常是在一国境内或一个关区内操作,是进口商或指定报关行在最终清关之前的一个必要操作环节。如要求 DHL 以自己的名义行


Bonded Transit

A bonded shipment occurs when DHL is requested to move non-document foreign-origin goods to a location other than the regular DHL gateway at destination. Bonded Transit is normally operated within a country or customs union, and is necessary prior to final clearance by the importer or designated broker. Bonded Transit applies to both export and import shipments whenever DHL is required to open, manage or report any form of transfer under bond using our own guarantee.


此项服务适用于出口正式报关货件超出一定货值或重量,或属于特定商品的情形。根据不同发件国家的报关条件,发货     人可通过在线申报避免此费用。

Export Declaration

Applies in countries where an export declaration is required for shipments containing controlled commodities or exceeding a certain value threshold or weight. Depending on origin country, shippers that submit a declaration online may avoid the local charge.


当进口报关单中品项条目超过 5 行时,额外增加的行数需征收录入费用。例如,一票货件含有多种物品或多张发票。所有物品必须按照各自的海关关税编码进行分类。

Multiline Entry

A service charge will be assessed for multiline item entries with more than five lines. An example would be – one shipment with multiple products or multiple invoices. All products require identification and must be classified under separate harmonized tariff numbers.


应进口商的要求,清关单据移交给第三方独立报关行操作海关清关。清关完成后继续由 DHL 负责派送。清关单据移交后,

DHL 不再负责向海关提交清关单据或货物放行的时效性。

Broker Notification

At the importer’s request, DHL will provide the necessary paperwork to the customer’s designated broker to perform the import clearance and resume the delivery to the final destination once the clearance is completed. DHL is subsequently not responsible for the timeliness of the submission to customs or for the release of the shipment.


应进口商的要求,DHL 将货件及清关单据移交给客户指定的报关行。报关行负责货件派送。

Release to Broker

At the importer’s request, the release of a DHL Express shipment to the customers designated customs broker of choice. DHL will transfer the responsibility for a shipment and related customs documentation to the customer’s nominated broker for clearance and last mile delivery.


此项附加费适用于海关对货件进行实体查验的情形。人工查验的安排包括将全部或部分货物从车辆中卸载、对特定物品/       包装做特殊查验标记、海关切割货物样本或对物品内容进行查验等情形。

Physical Intervention

A surcharge applies for shipments being intercepted for physical examination by customs authorities. Arrangements for inspections may also include full or partial unloading of a vehicle, the specific marking of prototypes, mutilation of samples or the examination of shipment content.





此附加费的征收基于每票快件的计费价格和任何与运输相关的附加费。燃油费的计算基于公开的燃油价格指数,该指数     也会在 DHL 快递官网 上显示。费率每月根据结算月份之前 2 个月的燃油价格确定。燃油附加费适用于国际快件及国内快件。

Fuel Surcharge

This variable surcharge is applied to the weight charge of each shipment and any transportation related surcharges. It is derived from publicly available fuel oil indices that are also shown on the DHL Express website at The charge is calibrated every month to the oil price that was current two months prior to the billing month. The Fuel Surcharge applies to domestic and international shipments.



Remote Area

This surcharge applies when a shipment is collected from or delivered to a location that is distant or difficult to serve. The Remote Area surcharge applies to international shipments.


对于每个单件包裹或托盘货物,单件任意一边的长度超过 120 公分收取的附加费用。此费用适用于国际快件及国内快件。

Oversize Piece

This fixed surcharge applies to every piece, including a pallet, with a single dimension in excess of 120cm. The Oversize Piece surcharge applies to domestic and international shipments.


对于每个单件包裹或托盘货物,实际重量或体积重量超过 70 公斤的附加费用。此费用适用于国际快件及国内快件。

Overweight Piece

A fixed surcharge is applied to every piece, including a pallet that exceeds a scale or volumetric weight of 70kg. The Overweight Piece surcharge applies to domestic and international shipments.


此附加费适用于由发件人提出要求或因形状、物品或包装导致无法堆叠的每个单件托盘货物。此附加费适用于国际快件     及国内快件,但不适用于单件低于30公斤的货件。

Non-Stackable Pallet

This fixed surcharge is applied to every pallet within a shipment that cannot be stacked, either on request by the shipper, or because of its shape, content or packaging. This surcharge applies to domestic and international shipments and does not apply to pieces below 30kg.


由于运单上所填写的收件人地址信息错误导致快件无法派送时,DHL通过努力找到正确地址并完成派送收取该项附加费。      此费用适用于国际快件及国内快件。

Address Correction

This fixed surcharge is applied to any shipment that has an incorrect delivery address at the time of pickup and the delivery cannot be fulfilled after making efforts at the destination to determine the correct address. The Address Correction surcharge applies to domestic and international shipments.



Elevated Risk

Additional surcharges may apply when shipping from or to a destination country, DHL is operating at elevated risk due to continuous state of war, civil unrest, or continuous threats from terrorism.



Restricted Destination

Additional surcharges may apply when shipping from or to a destination country that is subject to trade restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council.


在符合IATA包装条例966, 967, 969和970, Section II的前提下,DHL操作和运输锂离子电池或锂金属电池所征收的附加费。

Lithium Batteries

A surcharge may apply per shipment when the handling and transportation of shipments involves Lithium Ion or Lithium Metal batteries compliant with the appropriate IATA Packing Instructions 966, 967, 969 and 970, Section II.



Data Entry

This fixed surcharge is applied to any shipment consigned with non-electronic, paper based manual waybills. Electronic shipping documentation incurs no additional charges.


此附加费适用于特殊情况下,当DHL需要收回DHL无法控制的临时紧急情况有关的费用,而这种情况在客户协议开始时     无法合理预计。

Emergency Situation

This surcharge applies in exceptional cases when DHL is required to recover costs associated with temporary emergency situations beyond DHL’s control which could not be reasonably anticipated at the commencement of an agreement.


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